We are one of the first companies in the world that can deliver prefabricated straw panels system at a semi-finished level.

We’ are at the 3.0 version of this system and we guarantee that our straw panels can face all natural conditions on the site work, even if they are left uncovered for up to 60 days. 

A durable, healthy, energy efficient and sustainable building solution.

We are specialised in the production of high-quality straw panels from natural straw fiber.

We offer a range of designs for pre-fabricated buildings which employ our system, but we also work with our

clients to develop original projects, adapted to their particular needs.

straw panels house


Structural resistance

The wooden frame is engineered to carry all the  load and transfer these loads to the foundation. Straw itself ads to the structural resistance by being compacted to a high density


Organic products

Because we value the unity of man and nature, our products aim to protect the environment while also creating a nurturing living space for people.



straw panels house

  • straw is a waste product
  • straw is renewable
  • straw is biodegradable
  • contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases
  • the production of straw requires a very low consumption of energy
  • straw is local


Straw_Panels 3 Technical (pdf)


Straw_Panels 2 brochure (pdf)


Biobuilds straw panels

STRAW PANELS are sustainable building solution


natural RAW material

Greater Flexibility

Shorter Construction Time

structural resistance

Quality control

Safety and Durability