With a building sector that is on the rise and technology available worldwide, it’s time to embrace Efficiency, Recyclability and Long lasting materials in all the architectural phases.
There are only four materials responsible for two-thirds of global industrial CO2 emissions: steel, plastics, aluminium and cement, the heart of concrete. Concrete is the second most consumed substance on Earth, after water. On the other hand, operational energy used in buildings consumes 40 percent of global energy. 
The premises does not look good, but what we see in this is an enormous global-impact opportunity to change the way we build.

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We only use wood and wood products that come from PEFC or FSC certified sources.

natural materials, zero waste

Increasing material efficiency and planning Construction waste on a regular site-work rate is generally between 10% and 20% of the total used materials. In other words, at every five to ten houses built, one could be made entirely from the waste resulted from the other construction.

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Reducing energy use by using energy performant solutions Using the right materials for your building elements can play an instrumental role in your home’s in use energy demand. This can now be reduced to less than 10% of what you are used to. This means that a sustainable home can actually save you money for your entire life.

zero waste, zero energy, passive house design

Prolonging the lifespan of your home The best thing that we can do for nature’s equilibrium is to interfere as little as possible, so a durable design built with long lasting materials is a resilient feature both for you and the environment