BIOBUILDS  produces  prefab houses,  paying special attention to the health of residents and the environment. Following a global trend concerning the above features, BIOBUILDS is one of the first companies that develop projects in this innovative niche with multiple benefic effects to society and added value to architecture. We are a diverse architecture, engineering and construction team.  We’re one of the pioneers that enrolled in making this world a better place through architecture. We’re BIOBUILDS.



Prefab is a fully automated line of production, which can produce prefab walls and slabs at large dimensions, making the on site building process faster. All products are made in our factory, which allows us to promise and deliver high standards of quality.
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Straw panel is a very simple and fast solution for building a prefabricated home. We build the panels using certified wood-made materials and straw insulation, making it the most natural building system. Basically we can reach a zero or even negative carbon footprint.
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Our target is to design and build with the PROSUMER demands in mind. A prosumer house does not need money for energy use, it produces more than it needs and pumps the rest in the public network, so eventually it would give you money instead of taking it every month.  How do we do this? Well firstly, we follow the Passive House standard. A Passive House gives you a 95% reduction in heating and cooling energy. Passive House Standard is the fundamental requirement for a BIOBUILDS prosumer house, but we go further and deliver  integrated photovoltaic panels system. Producing more energy than used translates in no bills for our clients. It’s that simple.  

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Sustainability of the environment and the health of our clients is the cherry on top in our building system. We use mainly natural materials and wood products that only come from controlled forestry. As we have become an indoor generation, spending more than 90% of our time between four walls,  we take indoor air quality control as a prerequisite for BIOBUILDS house. 

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We deliver fully integrated building projects in a carefree package. We're the architect, manufacturer, project manager and construction worker, all in one. We’ll take care of everything, you’ll have a turnkey new home.

Take a seat and step forward into your future home, build it up with BIOBUILDS !



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