Healthy. Sustainable.

By PREFAB in 90 days .




prefab passive house biobuilds factory

Architectural plan design and production.


Ship prefab house components

             Ship the prefab to the site.                              


Build prefab healthy passivehouse by biobuilds

Build the house like a lego structure in days.

Home for generations to come.

If you are interested in building a healthy, energy efficient and sustainable home, this is the right place for you. 

We are one pit stop company, taking care of all the phases that a new house requires. We start on paper, with architectural planning and design. After less than six months, you could be stepping into your newly built home. 


No more toxic home syndrome.

You are part of an indoor generation, spending more 

than 90% of your time inside a building. 

What you breathe influences your well-being. 

A healthy home is made of quality, natural

materials. It keeps your indoor air constantly fresh,

because you deserve to breathe the cleanest indoor 

air possible. It provides clean water. It repels mold, 

dust and pests. Be gentle with your health.

Goodbye allergies

Constant fresh air

Cognitive performance



Passive Houses have been around the world for a while now, 

but technology today and embracing solar energy and solar 

design can lead you to a Net Zero Energy Home easier. 

You will experience the comfort of a Passive House, benefit from 

the top notch quality of prefabrication and recharge your 

batteries in the healthiest environment every day. 

The homes of the future will not cost you worrying monthly bills. 

Or no bills at all. And you can have such a home today. 

Build with resilience in mind.

Zero energy home

No more monthly bills

Solar energy and design


90% less GHG emission

The building industry is accountable for almost 40% of 

the total CO2 emissions globally. Your home's carbon

footprint is a sum of every little material that goes into it, 

which is known as the embodied CO2, but the in-use 

energy continues to impact on the total carbon footprint. 

Earth needs you to use carbon storing materials like wood

rather than materials that require a lot of energy to be

produced. It needs you to lower the energy demands by 

living in an energy efficient home. 

Your choices matter more than you think.

Near zero carbon footprint

Natural materials

Sustainable development

build your home in 90 days.

Interdisciplinary team


We're the architect, manufacturer, project manager, builder and designer, all in one.

Prefab manufacturing


We’ll take care of everything. 

You’ll have a new home in a matter of months.

On-site construction


You'll worry less and experience no site work surprises.