prefab passive house biobuilds factory

Architectural plan design and production.


Ship prefab house components

             Ship the prefab to the site.                              


Build prefab healthy passivehouse by biobuilds

Build the house like a lego structure in days.

What we find in prefabrication is the exact key that we need in order to offer our clients quality, healthy and passive houses at a fair cost. Passive House construction becomes more affordable by speeding the process, whilst working off site allows us to simultaneously prepare the site. We develop strict technical work, such as assuring airtightness, with the help of robots to eliminate human errors.

Prefab homes


High-quality prefabricated

We guarantee that every product that leaves our factory is made by the highest quality standards, following the exact drawn project design and technical specification.



Prefabrication is a tool that we use to build a dream quality Passive Eco house at lower costs so that you, our client, could have it for as much as you would pay when building a traditional house. A traditional house does not focus on energy standards, nor on the indoor air quality directly influenced by all the material choices one makes. 


Construction time

When building a house, the first thing you need to do is lay a foundation and leave it to dry out. That’s the easy part, because it is followed by long lasting construction steps that so often take more time and money than planned. With BIOBUILDS, you’ll be able to move into your new home in 60 days after the foundation is finished. 


Prefab Technical (pdf)


Prefab brochure (pdf)



Less Expensive

Greater Flexibility

Shorter Construction Time

Materials Unaffected by Weather

Quality control

Safety and Durability