Under construction

Hill house

Destination & concept


Hill House is a super energy efficient passive house with a footprint of 330 sq ft and a usable area of 215 sq ft, designed for weekend relaxation. Surrounded by hills, this house is a small oasis of serenity, ideal for those who want to run away from the daily stress of big cities.

There is no need for a central heating or cooling system. The house uses an heat recovery air circulating system that has a double role. Hence, every 10 minutes it changes the volume of indoor air with a fresh one, ensuring the energy transfer between the two air flows, but at the same time eliminating the vicious air. Thus, temperature and humidity will always be kept within the comfort range.

In the case of very cold winter time, there is a 1000 watt radiator that can work (but that is rarely needed) Electric underfloor heating in the bathroom is also provided. Thus, the heating / cooling costs of the house are lowered by 90 per cent compared to a conventional building. 

Hill House doesn’t need a conventional heating or cooling system.

Smart inside


Taking into consideration that it is a small house, the interior space was cleverly divided so that it looks bigger than it really is. A sofa can turn into a generous bed and the dining area is bathed all day in natural light, due to generous windows. Furthermore, the corner which is dedicated to the preparation of light snacks or morning coffee was designed in a minimalist manner, whilst voice-controlled Hi-Fi system animates the atmosphere by simple verbal notification. 

Interior finishes in progress


All materials were carefully chosen to provide high levels of perceived quality and a cozy ambient. Apart the triple glazing windows, top finishing materials were chosen: 3-layer engineered oak flooring for the living space and Ruschita marble in the bathroom. The apparent layer of the walls is made of MgO boards, also a natural material, the coating being made with silicate paint.

Muste House


First, the idea

We wanted a healthy and energy-efficient house. So said, so done! We found a suitable land, in

a perfect area and we decided to hit the road. So looks the hill when we started construction.


Then the solutions

There are a lot of technical solutions, specific to a passive house. The building is south-facing,

the foundation uses foam glass, the panels has straw insulation, all windows are triple glazed

and the air tightness has an amazing value.

Almost ready


Step by step, the house is beginning to fall into place. There are 400 sqm (4300 sq ft) by level, with a big living, a kitchen and 6 bedrooms with their own bathrooms.

Interior finishes in progress


MgO boards, natural oil for wooden elements, marble, passive entry door are just a few details of the interior. Here on the photo is the glass house on the south side at first level.

Cozy house


A smart project


This is an example of how to get more interior space for a family with children, having a tight budget and a pretty small footprint. The house uses all principles of a super efficient energy building, capitalizing on all environment's details. 

That’s how it will look


We named it "Cozy house", because represents a clever solution for a healthy, comfortable and stylishly home. It will be locate in Bucharest's uptown, therefore the design mixes urban themes with modern influences and natural minimalism.