An energy efficient home for a comfortable family

Solar Energy and the Passive House Design


Your house can collect the energy of the Sun and distribute it equally inside, all year round. Passive solar house design preventing overheating in the summer, no cold draughts in the winter. 

Turning Passive House into a Prosumer


A Passive House design can keep you at full comfort and decrease your energy needs, but if you at renewable energy sources, you could even produce more than you use.

Zero Energy- Prosumer and going Off-grid


90% reduction of your monthly energy bills may sound amazing, but what if we told you that you could be energy bills free, and you won’t even need the grid to maintain your Home?

Solar Energy and the Passive House Design

Prefabrication of the building parts


Shortening the site work time-frame


Automation of the entire process


zero energy

Passive House , solar panels,  Zero Energy

Passive House and beyond - the road to Zero Energy

Since the Passive House Standard was first introduced in the early 1990s, thousands of worldwide projects have used its principles to reduce heating and cooling demands by 75-90% and increase the general comfort. However, a Passive House is just the beginning of a long journey of energy efficiency. If you hop on, you'll never want to look back.

No more energy bills. 

Our target is to design and build with the PROSUMER Passive House demands in mind. However,  the energy efficiency level is flexible and can be chosen by you. You can have a net zero home, Zero Energy Home, a Passive home and become a Prosumer, producing more energy than used. 

Turning Passive House into a Prosumer


Using Passive House components for the thermal layer


Using energy efficient house Equipments, like electrical HVAC 


Using renewable energy resources for air and water heating

Off grid

off grid house, zero energy

You can be on the national grid or self sufficient, using a stand-alone power system. You can pay up to 90% less on your energy bills benefitting from a Passive Design, or pay no energy bills at all and ever sell your extra energy by pumping it into the electrical grid, if your demands are even higher. 

It's up to you. You can choose any of the above characteristics. 

Using the right building system and tools, having a team that supports and understands your needs, asking more of your home and denying to pay tremendous amounts of money on your monthly maintenance can be achieved today without a massive budget. How?

Responsible architecture requires excellent communication and knowledge transfer. We came to realize that only by forming an interdisciplinary team can we pursue our vision. We believe you deserve a one pit stop, a carefree package of a home that will cherish you in a healthy environment while saving you money for the rest of your life.   

Responsible architecture

Responsible architecture