The first phase in BIOBUILDS’ story consisted of developing a simplified production line to produce straw insulated wall panels. The production line is already working in Romania, where two houses have been built using this system. One of these houses achieved an outstanding energy performance of 5 kWh/m2/year, becoming one of the most energy efficient houses in Europe (undergoing Passive House Institute’s Space Heating Energy Demand, that is not to exceed 15 kWh/m2/year).

BIOBUILDS appeared as an natural next step towards realizing a production concept. Together with our sister company CONALS, we developed a robotic production line for prefabricated houses made of organic materials such as cellulose, wood and derivatives. This production line is in the final stage of assembly and programming in Romania (EU), using robots and equipment available worldwide that can thus be replicated anywhere in the world.

Today, our team combines expertise in architecture and design, material sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, technology, engineering and construction. We provide an end to end building process, carefully controlling every design phase, from architectural sketches and manufacturing the construction elements to the site management and building phase.