Prefab house

 What we find in prefabrication is the exact key that we need in order to offer our clients quality, healthy and passive houses at a fair cost. Every building process is optimized by using the right tools, technology and a throughout design and built planning. Preparing the site whilst starting the prefab manufacturing of the building panels in an off-site factory shortens the time frame of the entire project. While a normal site work of a residential unit can even last two or three years, you can now choose to worry less and move into your new home faster. We deliver our turnkey package in 90 days, or even less. 

Highly Prefab house



We are one of the first companies in the world that can build prefab houses made with straw wall system at a semi-finished level. We have been through 4 major stages of development. Today, we can build 12 meters long straw walls that have a guarantee of facing  all the natural conditions on the site work. Even if they are left uncovered for up to 60 days.  



Our fastest building system, as it comes off a totally automatized line of production, using a robotic efficiency and precision. It is built at the highest level of  finishings. Although being built following the same value points as Straw Walls are, this system allows us to involve less human labour and more rapidity, reducing the overall budget.

What is different in a Biobuilds prefab?

Precise planning by prefab

It has a high structural resistance

The wooden frame is engineered to carry all the load and transfer these loads to the foundation. Even Straw itself, one of out thermal insulators, adds to the structural resistance by being compacted to a very high density. As the panels are compressed, little oxygen remains between the straw fibers, also providing a high fire resistance quality.

sustainable architecture Building with wood and straw

It is an organic, upcycled product

Because we value the unity of man and nature, our products aim to protect the environment while also creating a nurturing living space for its inhabitants. Straw is a local waste product, which is biodegradable and easily renewable. Cellulose is basically reused paper. Jute fibers are transformed from waste coffee bags and made into insulation blankets.

biodegradability construction materials

It has a high sustainability degree

Building with wood. Being the most eco-aware building solution, a carbon negative ingredient. The Source Energy of such panels is one of the lowest among all building materials. Imagine living in the energy efficient, comfortable, quality Home of the future, helping the environment at the same time, as a bonus.

Premium quality.

Durable House

prefab passive house

A well built home can last you more than a lifetime. Whenever you pay for something, you should think about your return of investment over the future. 

Construction precision

high quality prefab

Building your home will be done with robotic precision and labor quality and control. At Biobuilds, human minds and the hands of high technological tools work together.

Top notch craftsmanship

straw bale panels

From start to finish. Everything will fit together like two perfect pieces of furniture. Surprises have no place on the work site. 

No unexpected costs.

Precise project overview

prefab design

Before we build it, we can tell you the exact investment cost, its level of energy efficiency and the delivery time. This will give a real financial planning advantage. 

Cost effectiveness

prefab architecture

Optimization of the entire process in order to reduce costs while not sacrificing quality. Material efficiency, upcycling, strict organizational system on our part, less investment cost on yours.

Lower operating costs

low energy prefab house

Lower energy demands of a passive prefab house brings bills down with up to 90%. Investing in a renewable energy source, like solar panels, can cut off your energy bills for good.

Time efficiency.

Faster delivery

prefab cellulose walls

Efficient work-flow. Assembly of the shell of your house in a matter of days, so that you could move into your new home in 60 to 90 days.

No extra time

prefab short time delivery

You will not get familiar with unexpected, unplanned surprises and miscalculations on your project that translate into more steps and expansion of your budget.

More time for yourself

one pit stop construction company

This is a one pit stop place. We will involve you as little as possible in the complex maze of building a House. Spend time with the people you love and let us worry about your project.

Faster delivery

Top notch craftsmanship

 Assembly of the shell in a matter of days. You’ll be able to move into your new modular home in 60-90 days 

Cost effectiveness

prefab short time erase

 Optimization of the entire process in order to reduce costs while not sacrificing quality 

Lower operating costs

Lower operating costs home

 Lower energy demands of a passive house brings bills down with up to 90% 

The tool of prefabrication

...for a cost effective strategy

A standardized prefabrication process can now make the construction of Highly Energy Efficient houses more affordable by speeding up construction time and using smaller teams with increased performance and efficiency. Off site manufacturing happening at the same time with site preparation can give you better control and overview on the whole project. While you can start laying the foundation, wall panels can be prefabricated off site, in a controlled environment. Delays and damage due to weather can be minimized, as panels can be delivered at a high level of finishing. Crucial elements like insulation, air barrier, thermal bridges can now be designed and controlled in the highest detail scale. Quality labor with a robotic precision and immensely high standards can now be achieved by using technology at its best.

prefab straw bale walls

prefab straw bale walls

Sustainable use of materials

materials and waste management, recycling

Precise planning of materials and waste management, recycling of the small amount of wood-based waste material

Durable house

Durable house

 A well built home can last you more than a lifetime .

More precision, superior quality

superior quality home made by robots

 Building your home will be done with robotic precision  and labor quality and control

Moreover, using specific software in the design phase, you can calculate the energy performance of your future house and estimate your maintenance bills before it is even built. We're contemporary with the rise of sustainable, energy efficiency approaches in the building market.
Responsible architecture requires excellent communication and knowledge transfer. We came to realize that only by forming an interdisciplinary team can we pursue our vision. We believe you deserve a one pit stop, a carefree package of a home that will cherish you in a healthy environment while saving you money for the rest of your life.  

sustainable, energy efficiency architecture

sustainable, energy efficiency architecture

Top notch craftsmanship

Faster delivery home

From start to finish.  Everything will fit like two perfect pieces of furniture 

Precise project overview

energy efficiency and the delivery time  home

 Before we build it, we can tell you the exact investment cost, its level of energy efficiency and the delivery time 

Safer worksites

Safer worksites prefab house

 Easy, puzzle-like assembly, with no use of toxic materials.


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