Here’s how it works: prefab homes

biobuilds team

The initial talk (one cup of coffee)

Just tell us

how much you want to spend

where is your land

your expectations from your future house

And we

will analyze your needs

will tell you how and what we do

will show you a few standard house design plans

biobuilds architects

The design (1-8 weeks)

Your side

choose a standard design from our portfolio or define the 

project together with our architect

choose the finishes for interior and exterior walls

apply for all construction approvals

Our side

our architect makes the design plans

we conduct the technical study for your house prefab homes

biobuilds constructors

Before site works

You have 

to agree the final quotation decide who will built your home: we or a third party company prepare the foundation and utilities (depending o the house: on or off grid). 

And we

will produce the prefab for your home,  will check all authorization to be up to date, will deliver the modules, semi-finished, ready to assemble, on your site.


Construction (turnkey 8-12 weeks)


necessary paper work 

(guided by the architect)


shipping and installationfinishes and 

care-free package.

Tell us about your dream house!