We started this project because we wanted a healthy home for us and our families. A natural place, full of positive energy, where we can live and raise our children. And we want this in a decent period of time, with high standard of materials, quality and finishes.


If you’re here, it means that we share the same passion, the same desire to build passive houses with natural elements, in a sustainable way, with respect for our health and for nature.

As you will see below, the solution we’re proposing requires only minimal manpower and a very short period of time to build.

The more you’ll want to know about all this, the better we’ll get to know each other. There are so many topics to discuss.

We recommend to come and meet us or find out below more about the construction methods.


Our production process ensures the premium quality of the execution. The walls and the ceilings we offer are semi-finished and ready to assemble. In about 60 days after the foundation is poured, you have your house raised and semi-finished.


Due to low thermal conductivity, prefabricated walls offer a higher level of thermal insulation. Therefore, houses built with the BIOBUILDS system require a low energy consumption for heating/cooling, being both ecological and economical. A prefabricated, passive house has an energy consumption up to 90% smaller than a conventional building.

This percentage can be reduced further by following the design principles for passive houses. According to the standard imposed by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany, such a house has an energy consumption of 15 kWh/sq m per year. By comparison, an A class energy building in Europe consumes up to 125 kW / sq m per year.


The ventilation systems installed in BIOBUILDS houses provide a constant supply of fresh air, ensuring that pollutants and odors are removed from the rooms whilst maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. The system allows the construction of highly energy efficient green houses, without harmful substances. Our proposal is an unique solution on the European market, which innovatively combines qualities of natural materials with the modern technologies.

What’s inside?


Along with our partners, we provide a range of solutions for foundation, plastering and finishing, all based on organic materials: foam glass insulation, natural clay or lime plasters, reed or shingle roof covering, green roofs, high efficiency heating systems, triple glaze windows for optimal thermal insulation. We offer a range of predefined architectural projects, using our prefabricated system. We also can customize unique projects suitable to your needs. BIOBUILDS system allows the construction of one storey plus mansard roof houses.

How durable is such a house?

Structural strengththe wooden frame is rigorously designed to support the  ceiling, roof or the upper floor load. The system has a high structural strength, thanks to combined I-joist and, at the same time, is flexible and elastic, allowing the movement of the structure without any risk of collapse.

Fire resistance: our mineral wool insulation is A1 high fire resistance class. In addition, the MgO boards used for finishes have superior fire resistance and are classified in the reaction class A1. Therefore the entire house has a high fire resistance.

Durability: careful selection of natural materials, testing them before purchasing and rigorous design ensure the reliability of our building system. Therefore, a BIOBUILDS house is at least as durable as a classical construction.

And the price?

BIOBUILDS’ house price is close to the value of a house built with the classic system. Unless we count the subsequent benefits: very low maintenance costs, health and comfort.

The cost of turnkey house depends on many aspects, but the average cost of our prefabricated walls is 680 Euro/sq m (FOB).